Experienced with both in-house and agency integrated creative marketing for private and public sector. Highly experienced in print and online media, art direction, copywriting, photography, photo direction, photo styling, photo propping, illustration, problem solving, project management, production, creative collaboration, and new media. Combined with a network of professionals that can help to make your vision a reality. With a client base consisting of political campaigns, education/public sector, advertising agencies, radio stations, healthcare, manufacturing, apparel, printers, photographers, and musicians. Carrying and managing projects from concept to completion. Focused on creating projects that best fit my clients needs, that are on time, under budget, that are done with the highest degree of quality and have optimal return on investment.

Who we are:

Marla Norton – Founder

Marla’s Bio
I do work that I want you to be proud of. I want you to be able to pull out your business card and let people know about your business or organization. I’m a one person shop that someday would love to expand. Pixelzz Design LLC was started in 2005, after I had a few different requests from some friends and relatives to do some freelance work. I’m so glad that I made that decision to make that jump.

I consider myself extremely detail oriented, but have this great vision on the big picture of marketing strategy. I’m really intense with my work, but I will admit that people have said that I’m one of the funnest persons to work with. I’m always ready to take on that newest challenge or learn the latest technology to take my clients steps ahead of their competition.