From my experience, everyone wants a website, but what everyone doesn’t know is that a website takes time, a lot of work, and money. Most importantly websites are not free or low in cost. Today’s websites have many variables that require time, work, and money.

A website from Pixelzz will be a WordPress site, this type of site is built upon a framework which allows for easy updating of content. For that reason we build websites but we don’t update websites. We will set up an admin role for technical reasons, and will also set up an editor role for regular page updating. There are many online resources available for WordPress user training and Pixelzz can provide training on your new website for $75 an hour.

Domain Names

A website requires a domain name, depending on what domain name is chosen, it will cost anywhere between $10 and $50 a year on average*, multiple year discounts may be available.

Web Hosting

All websites require hosting, which is also an additional charge with most Pixelzz websites ranging from $120 to $190 a year. You may already have hosting, if so we will need to determine if your hosting plan will allow for WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting requires Apache, MySQL, and PHP to be able to support a WordPress website.

Site Design

Site design is something which pricing depends on many factors. The most basic site, up to three pages – starts out at $500. The more pages, features, plugins, etc added, the more the cost will increase.