Pixelzz Design is a multi-disciplinary creative studio which focuses on branding, communications design, and digital media. We do our research and gather information about your project, determine your target audience, and produce the appropriate deliverables to meet your needs.

With most projects, you will need to contact us and tell us a little about what you are looking to do. We will send you a form to complete that gives us a better idea of what you are looking for. We will review the form and determine a price range of the project, we may need to hit you up with some additional questions before we can come up with pricing. If you agree to go ahead with the work, you will need to review the contract which is a part of the estimate and sign off on the project. You will also need to pay a pre-determined price as a deposit on work as stated on the contract before we will begin working. We will then prepare the project, and send you our first round of proofs for the project. Most projects will allow for three rounds of revisions, anything above that will be built into the final invoice.

For more details on specific project types please follow links below.



Branding – visual identity